Blatant Political Warfare


The same DeepState who were & are protecting the Clintons blatant corruption are now searching for criminal activity in Trump for over 2 years and couldn’t find anything.

There has to be evidence that a crime was committed before an investigation begins Now their best shot is 150K payment to Stormy Daniels to keep her story quiet- they want ANYTHING that they can use to take him down-

Its blatant political warfare

Cops should not just “investigate” people to make sure they aren’t breaking laws- they should leave you alone until there is evidence you have broken one-

We know that they used information that they knew was “salacious and unverified” (in Comeys words) to secure a FISA warrant to tap Paul Manafort- It was paid for by Clintons and that information was withheld from the FISA court-

the FBI colluded with Clintons to wiretap Trumps team-

They were spying- and there is much more including receiving Millions to her foundation from the board members of Uranium one after a meeting between Bill and Russian diplomats secured the transfer of 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russian company

AND literally using her foundation as a personal slush fund and charging foreign dignitaries for meetings and political favors.

Furthermore, we know that the FBI director Comey drafted a letter of exoneration before he interviewed Hillary and he was told by Peter Strozk to change the words “grossly negligent to extremely careless” because the federal law that governs the mishandling of classified material establishes criminal penalties for “gross negligence.”We know the Peter Strozk was working with Muller and Comey to protect her.

We also know that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch privately before she decided to drop pursuit of charges- this was the “meeting on the tarmac” and there is speculation she was offered a supreme court seat if Hillary won in exchange for dropping prosecution

It is very possible that Sessions is slowly taking people down from the bottom up to ensure their destruction- If you cut the head off the hydra it will respawn more heads- But if you take the system down from its foundations, by getting the smaller fish to roll over on the kingpins, you can destroy the whole structure- If that is not what Sessions is doing he should be removed and someone who will indict should come in-

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