Blatant Media Bias and Narrative Manipulation From The Associated Press


******The currently posted edited draft from the Associated Press can be found here. Archive links for the original post, prior to editing, can be found below.******
READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!!!! Take notice that they go into extensive, horrific detail about the allegations of abuse.
Then notice, that not only do they not bother to mention the fact that these allegations are ALL from 2016 and earlier, until PARAGRAPH 19!!!!!
It mentions Trump 4 times, despite the fact that these allegations ALL occurred during the Obama Administration. How many times is Obama mentioned you ask……? ZERO.
Not once. In this very lengthy, drawn out, graphic detail-oriented piece going over the horrific details of incidents that occurred under Obama, he’s not mentioned anywhere in the original article.
There have been edits since deplorables such as Ben Shapiro pointed out this shifty manipulation of the facts by the author. The original post has since been edited to “address” these details very half-assedly.

Saying these “occurred between 2015 and 2018 under both the Trump and Obama Administrations”.
Well if this is true, then how come the original AND the amended updated version, is only able to point to occurrences from 2016 and earlier? The original doesn’t have “2017” or “2018” ANYWHERE on the page, other than the date of the article.
“But Mike, why should we take your word on what was changed since the original post?”
YOU SHOULDN’T!!!!! But you should believe what you can objectively see with your own eyes and compare using this archived screenshot of the original post using the Wayback Machine

Do you see it yet….? Can we finally acknowledge the blatant media bias and the obviously disingenuous way that the media is slowly starting to acknowledge #pedogate related topics, but constantly present it with the narrative that these issues are Trump’s fault, WITH NO EVIDENCE TO BACK SUCH CLAIMS, simply baseless lies and contorted truths.

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