Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, Not the Perpetrator

Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, not the perpetrator. There’s a HUGE difference between researching in order to objectively see evidence of things (such as not a single Continue Reading →

Blatant Media Bias and Narrative Manipulation From The Associated Press

******The currently posted edited draft from the Associated Press can be found here.¬†Archive links for the original post, prior to editing, can be found below.****** READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!!!! Take Continue Reading →

PEDOGATE Resource Library

Eventually I’ll add some commentary and context for these links. But for now, I really just wanted to post links to the evidence that proves #pedogate is real, and been Continue Reading →

Interviewing Parkland Students at March For Our Lives Second Amendment Protest

We got a chance to walk around the March For Our Lives Parkland protest and ask questions to some of the students and other protesters- Be sure to like, comment Continue Reading →