Nikki Haley lays out plan for 2018 foreign policy


Nikki Haley laid out her plan for 2018 foreign policy regarding Iran and N. Korea and more

Haley reaffirmed our commitment to the Iranian people. The Iranian people have been in the streets protesting the Iranian Theocracy and chanting:

“independence, freedom”

“let go of syria, think of us”

“we will die but will take Iran back”

“dont be afraid we are all together”

in reference to the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei they chanted
“feel some shame”
“let go of the country”

Meanwhile CNN has been tweeting articles that refuse to endorse the Iranian people

Nikki also stated that the US will not recognize any negotiations between N Korea and anyone else unless they totally abandon their nuclear program

here is the question and answer portion of her conference:

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