Multi-Culturalism is a trojan horse


Multi-Culturalism is another one of those catch phrases like “net neutrality” or “social justice”- Catch phrases for ideologies whose true intentions are hidden behind manipulative wordplay-

We should be proud to be a multi ethnic culture, but a single culture-

SOMETHING has to unite us beyond our race or heritage- And it should and could be our flag- a symbol to unite us beyond our differences-we are all Americans and reap the “privilege” of that

We live in the most free, most safe from occupation, most comfortable and liberal society the world has ever seen

we literally use our privilege to whine about the privilege we have

I am from Miami where the culture is infused with latin spice. But the people here LOVE America, and they arent trying to bring the ideologies of their homelands here- they ran from their homes for the freedom America provides them- freedom many of you liberals take for granted and even rally against

Can anyone who supports Multi-Culturalism explain to me how we can ever come together if we dont have a shared culture that unifies us?

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