Did Steve Bannon really say that? According to the authors reputation, likely not


Michael Wolff has written a book in which he claims Steve Bannon has stated that Donald Jr took the Russians he met with to meet with Trump and called the meeting “treasonous”

Steve Bannon has not made a statement yet on this

Michael Wolff, according to his wikipedia page, has been accused of publishing “factual errors” and that more than a dozen of his subjects have claimed he “invented or changed quotes” that he attributed to them. Wolffs former employer, New York Magazine, has called him an “angry man for pay” and a “media provocateur”. Wiki

Today is also the day that House Intel Committee chairman David Nunes set as a deadline for the DOJ to turn over Documents relating to FusionGPS

Donald Trump released a statement on Bannon:

Twitter user “Thomas Paine” had a prophetic statement back in Aug


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