Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, Not the Perpetrator

Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, not the perpetrator. There’s a HUGE difference between researching in order to objectively see evidence of things (such as not a single Continue Reading →

Blatant Media Bias and Narrative Manipulation From The Associated Press

******The currently posted edited draft from the Associated Press can be found here. Archive links for the original post, prior to editing, can be found below.****** READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!!!! Take Continue Reading →

Interviewing Parkland Students at March For Our Lives Second Amendment Protest

We got a chance to walk around the March For Our Lives Parkland protest and ask questions to some of the students and other protesters- Be sure to like, comment Continue Reading →

Obama team tells Trump to back off supporting Iranian Protesters after he ended program to stop cocaine importation by Hezbollah as a bargaining chip with Iran

As Trump publicly supports the Iranian people in their protest against radical islamic theocracy, Obamas team is telling him to back off. In 2009, when the “Green Revolution” threatened the Continue Reading →