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A socio-political refugee from the liberal gulag of the San Francisco Bay Area. Occupy Oakland & DC veteran with more rabble-rousing and hell-raising with Occupy and BLM than he cares to admit these days. Spent 6 years on the road with no money other than what's made along the way. During that time, drove coast to coast 6x, as well as through Mexico and Guatemala. Defector of the alt-left and recent convert to objectively researched topics. Follow Mike on Twitter: @WokeWhiteZombie Follow Mike on Facebook: Mike Wayward Porter Wanna get to know Mike's ideals, prior to being Red Pilled....? Then order his book, Occupy My Life: A Modern Wayward Epic, using the link below: https://www.amazon.com/Occupy-My-Life-Modern-Wayward/dp/1506164773/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421772860&sr=8-1&keywords=occupy+my+life&pebp=1421772896774&peasin=1506164773

Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, Not the Perpetrator

Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, not the perpetrator. There’s a HUGE difference between researching in order to objectively see evidence of things (such as not a single Continue Reading →

Blatant Media Bias and Narrative Manipulation From The Associated Press

******The currently posted edited draft from the Associated Press can be found here.¬†Archive links for the original post, prior to editing, can be found below.****** READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE!!!! Take Continue Reading →

PEDOGATE Resource Library

Eventually I’ll add some commentary and context for these links. But for now, I really just wanted to post links to the evidence that proves #pedogate is real, and been Continue Reading →