A World Without Heroes


Imagine a World where cowardice is seen as bravery, injustice is honorable and servitude is revered as freedom. An apathetic world where blind obedience and service to self interest are king and criminal behavior is ignored and covered up because it’s to unpleasant to worry the general public about. If I was a Super Villian creating such a world would make it much easier to take over and fulfill my villainous plan. Unfortunately for us this may soon be a reality.

What we have been seeing the past few years in entertainment and media is a full hostile takeover of pop culture by one political ideology. Where in the past there were shows representative of the ideals of both political ideologies and many more forms of entertainment not politicized at all we have seen a purge behind the scenes of big media industry leaders of free thinkers and conservatives being replaced by out of work SJW political activist in creative industries. If industry dominance wasn’t enough we are now seeing the complete blackballing of conservative content creators and the demonization of anyone just right of left by the media who is in the industry. Don’t believe me? Google #comicsgate, Kanye West, Roseanne Barr or Tim Allen. The message is clear, if you don’t have the right opinions you are not allowed in the club and you can’t participate on their platforms or any other platform without retribution.

Not even the fan base is safe as Marvel Editors and staff as well as Lucas Films employees throw shade at fans for not understanding people don’t like your content not your context. The fans are all racist, Nazi, white supremacist because they do not enjoy propaganda being shoved down their throat, sub par writing and flat characters we can’t relate to. What business will be successful if it constantly insults and degrades its customers and blames them for their internal issues.

They spin #comicsgate and #StarWarsgate to be we hate diversity when both Star Wars and marvel has always been diverse as hell (does no one read X-men?). The reality is fans like rich worlds, interesting characters, heroics, romance, sacrifice and redemption. We are fans because we like good story telling. We are not obligated to like something because you put characters we like into a different kind of story, especially when you destroy those characters and their legacy.

Storytelling is more than just a pass time. It has social significance to our societies and the human race. Stories are how we teach our young, it’s how we keep history alive and honor cherished ancestors and heroes. They teach morals, virtues and ideals. They mold our values and teach us the difference between good and evil. They are lessons.

Traditionally societies have told great tales of their most revered and admired people in their culture. Many of these collections of tales became religions and taught the moral and values of their chosen way of life. They formed gods to represent the values they admired in men. These gods became archetypes of ideals. Those stories of those Gods were told to young generations so they would aspire them to mimic them and become great people and achieve great things.

Transforming Han Solo to dead beat space daddy, Luke into a loser who gave up and hid from his problems, Captain America into a Nazi and Captain Marvel into a fascist overlord poisons the well. It tells us those values we held dear were false idols and you are tarnishing their archetype to replace with new archetypes that are simply weak, not well thought out, generic heroes based on stereotypes not personality. A lot of what’s coming out of Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm is BAD WRITING. Why destroy our heroes legacy just so you can introduce “better” heroes. If Diversity was the goal why not add more characters instead of sabotage the old ones. Eliminating characters based on race, sexual orientation and gender is the opposite diverse, it is a replacement.

This issue is a much bigger one than just shitty movies and franchise revenues though. Their is social impact from putting morally ambiguous characters on pedestals and devaluing traditional “heroic” ideals and replace them with virtue signaling and politicized jargon. Traditional values are being replaced in media and entertainment with Neo Marxist Post Modernist values. That means there is a generation being groomed for communism. I mean liberals control education, media, entertainment and the messages they are pushing come straight from the Globalist New World Order agenda. Today’s heroes seem to have more in common with Antifa than traditionalist like Superman and Captain America.

It wouldn’t be that big of deal if their was another choice for those who reject the crap they are being force fed, If there was an alternative movie parents could take their kids too, but there is not. Thats the big issue. New creators like Richard Meyer are being blackballed from even getting their foot in the door to cater to this lost market. The major media outlets are lost and for the most part our favorite franchises with them, casualties of the culture war, but their is an ocean of media refugees with no where to spend their money desperately craving adventure. The new battles of the culture war will be fought in the Indy market. The one sided market has created a void and consumers are hungry to fill it. Nerd culture is ripe for a renaissance of epic proportions and it’s up to the fans to create the market we are longing for.

Heroes are important to not only nerds and kids but to society as a whole. They lay the moral foundations we build our character around. Its time the heroes among us take a stand and heed the call. Entertainment has been infiltrated by Hydra. Only you can create the next billion dollar franchise we will all be excited to show our grandkids.Their is a battle to be fought ahead, an information war for the soul of future generations, and every battle needs heroes. Fearless, brave heroes that never give up.

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