Saudi Arabia moves towards moderate Islam


On May 21 Trump went to Saudi Arabia with an ultimatum to stand with US as moderate Islam- And proclaimed “DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities and holy land and of this earth…” he repeated DRIVE THEM OUT 7 times :

Less than 6 months later Saudi Arabia has arrested 11 Saudi Princes and many more officers in a purge against extremists- Included in the arrests is Al Waleed Bin Talal who is one of the worlds richest men, happens to own the top 2 floors of the mandalay bay, and has controlling interest in many US companies including Apple, Twitter, Citigroup and Lyft- He also donated millions to Hillary Clinton Campaign and had a twitter spat with Donald:

Talal: “You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win.”

Trump: “Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected”

> Saudi Arabia has passed legislation allowing women to drive

> Saudi Arabia is rebuilding a 900 year old Lebanese Maronite church as a symbol of good will and interfaith cooperation after a visit from their religious Patriarch

> *******AND: The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, their top cleric, has declared it FORBIDDEN to fight against jews and named Hamas a terror organization**************

Power will soon be handed over to Mohammad Bin Salman, the son of the current king, which is a break away from the traditional heir passing through the brothers – It is an attempt to DRIVE OUT the radicals and create a moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia

When Trump visited Saudi Arabia they performed a ceremony traditionally performed with allies before heading off to war

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