Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, Not the Perpetrator


Trump is the Victim of Orwellian Media Coverage, not the perpetrator.

The rant sparking meme.

There’s a HUGE difference between researching in order to objectively see evidence of things (such as not a single shred of evidence has come out showing the trump campaign colluded with Russia), and what the dying mainstream media reports as “true”.
Before Trump, practically everybody agreed that you can’t trust the MSM. But ever since they turned the psychological war machine up into overdrive in order to subvert this administration and the danger it presents to the shadowy world of the deep state, people perceive Trump as out of line when he calls out organizations who blatantly and deliberately misrepresent facts and present falsehoods on a provable regular basis. And most won’t even acknowledge the source of their information and still denounce MSM any time the topic comes up.

Say what you will about the CIA, but they certainly know how to manipulate the masses without them even realizing it.

And I’ll prove to you right here and now with irrefutable evidence that nearly all of the MSM committed themselves to such lies, LITERALLY FROM DAY 1.
Every single one of these organizations reported tiny crowd turnouts the day of the inauguration. The White House attempted to clarify that the photos being compared were disingenuous and inaccurate. Stating that the crowds were packed all the way back to the Washington Monument.
This resulted in an onslaught of press heckling involving “alternative facts”.
They all used the attached photo below as representations of the overall crowd turnout. They all even doubled down by mocking anyone who said otherwise.
Fact of the matter is, majority of America that is against Trump, still to this day stand by this photo as being an accurate comparison. Still to this day, people openly condescend and criticize me with the term “alternative facts” when I attempt to explain the objective reality of the turnout that day. A reality that few, if any, of these “trusted news sources”, ever made a point to address their inaccuracy.
Here’s the coverage from that day from organizations that are still to this day, blatantly, unapologetically anti-Trump:
This one is even from this year and still standing by the objectively false crowd size claims. Worth noting that most people I talk to think that Business Insider is a conservative-leaning, pro-Trump publication (probably because it has the word “business” in it, lol)
And yet another from a year after the inauguration that still presents these grossly misrepresented numbers.

I know all of this is old news to most who do the research. Because I swear half the people I burst this bubble for walk away and have it inflated 2 minutes later from all the hot air they emit simply because the implications and undeniable fallacies portrayed by nearly all of their news sources triggers some sort of cognitive dissonance/ ideological subversion.

And rather than letting the pieces fall into place guided by logic, they just discard the fact that they just made an ass of themselves when presented with the truth.

And instead of humbly accepting defeat and acknowledging the fact that they were mislead and factually inaccurate on this talking point, they revert to the previously existing MK-Ultra/ Project Mockingbird narrative that strokes their ego into thinking that they’re actually some sort of open minded warrior of truth. When nothing could be further from the truth…….

And for those who don’t know where I get there “alternative facts”, it actually comes from the most damning source due to the fact that this organization has lead the charge against our 45th president. CNN themselves.

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